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Are you looking for a reputed foot doctor? Look no further, BOX HILL PODIATRY operates with the best in Box Hill VIC.

The feet are a very essential part of the body and you need healthy feet if you want to carry on with your daily activities normally. However, often due to tiredness, injuries or other health conditions, you can be faced with some foot problems.

Your Feet Need More Caring

Many people, when suffering from foot pain, prefer to apply some balm and take pain killers. Even callouses and surface injuries are often taken lightly. If you are used to treating your feet as such, please know that what may seem like a minor problem, if neglected, may lead to serious consequences. Thus, it is advisable that you get your feet checked and treated by a foot specialist regularly.

The Best In Podiatric Care

At BOX HILL PODIATRY, we specialise in a number of foot treatment, includ- ing orthotics therapy. Our practitioners are highly qualified and experienced in the field, plus we have all high-end equipment which enable us to deliver the best services. We promise that you won't be disappointed for choosing our clinic. We welcome clients from Mont Albert, Blackburn and the surrounding regions.

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